Who are we?

Resolution Re has helped insurance companies and producers with both their A&H and P&C insurance and reinsurance needs. We have the actuarial capability to structure rates and coverage, compliance and filing expertise, as well as a broad understanding of insurance and reinsurance concepts. These qualities separate insurance ideas and, in turn, create insurance products.


Our Products & Successful Programs

ResRe Program


Our Program Management services consist of helping primary distribution channels link up with both A&H and P&C insurance companies that have the product they want or vice versa. ResRe’s program management offers a range of essential services, including arranging and facilitating meetings among all participants, acquiring producers for carriers or assisting with policy development and compliance—our role is to help ensure the success of each program for long-term effectiveness.



CareAssist is a supplemental backup care benefit designed to provide coverage for those unexpected events that impact employees at home and their job. CareAssist can help promote increased productivity, engagement, loyalty and reduced care absences. CareAssist utilizes Care.com’s existing care network, and includes an enhanced screening and vetting process and premium membership to Care.com—the world’s largest online community for care.

ResRe reinsurance


We will help you identify and quantify your insurance and reinsurance needs, acquire the data needed to get a quote, solicit the reinsurance marketplace or insurance carrier, negotiate on your behalf and present the quotes to you.

Simply Funded


SimplyFunded is a level-funded health plan that gives employers more control over their healthcare plans and costs, but includes the added predictability and financial security of fully insured plans.

Our Insurance Arenas

Supplemental Health

Property and Casualty

Ancillary Voluntary Benefits

Health Plans: Level-Funded and Self-Funded


Association Benefit Placement & Management

Limited Medical, MEC, MEC+ and MVP

Non Insurance Value Added Benefits

And More!


With over 100 years
of joint experience

Resolution Re has the knowledge, connections, adaptability and focus to bring new products into the marketplace. Our product development expertise allows us to take a new or revamped look at traditional insurance and reinsurance coverage, and create new product derivatives as the A&H and P&C marketplaces change.

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